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We have successfully published 10+ Alexa skills. Voice-First is a tech innovation that will transform way millions consume contents and interact with brands

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Alexa Skills Development

With the rise of Amazon Alexa, the voice is becoming a common user interface. Users of all ages are using their voice to play games, get the latest news, and control their smart home devices. Voice offers a faster and easier way to communicate and do things.

Voice is the most natural form of interaction. For a brand, this is the right time to think about the Voice-First strategy. Voice-First is going to be an important part of any brand's business strategy. It gives the brands the ability to have a conversation with their customers in a more natural way.

Cedex Technologies LLP is a leading Amazon Alexa skills development company from India. We have been building Amazon Alexa Skills since early 2018. So far we have developed and published 10+ Alexa skills in the US/UK/India skill stores.

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Voice-first Interaction refers to a system which primarily accepts user input via voice commands, and may produce the audio output. Voice-First is a tech innovation that will transform way millions of users interact with devices or applications. It will change the way we discover and consume contents

Designing for voice

You can't simply add voice to your app and call it a voice experience; you have to reimagine the entire experience from a voice-first perspective. Designing for voice is different from designing for screens. This is where Cedex Technologies LLP plays a vital role in development.

Alexa for Business (Reach Enterprise Customers with the Alexa Skills)

Alexa for Business makes it easy for organizations to use Alexa in the workplace. Now we can build smart custom skills using the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa for Business APIs and make them available as private skills to your organizations.

Workplace skills help the employees find open meeting rooms, order new supplies, report building problems etc. Build skills to enable employees to manage calendars, make calls, track to-do lists and find information such as the latest sales data, or inventory levels.

codeigniter development
codeigniter application development

Alexa Presentation Language

At Cedex Technologies LLP, our team uses the Alexa Presentation Language (APL). APL is Amazon's new voice-first design language use to create rich, interactive displays for Alexa skills and tailor the experience for tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices.

With the help of APL, we can build interactive voice experiences that include graphics, images, slideshows, and video, and to customize them for different device types such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet.

Amazon Alexa Skills

We are very much experienced in developing Alexa Skills. Have a look at some of them

movie hunt voicebot


MovieHunt is a an Amazon Alexa skill, where you can hunt for movie names. MovieHunt will play famous Hollywood movie dialogues and you have to find out from which movie the dialgoue is. For evey currect answer you will be getting one point.

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everyday quiz voicebot

Everyday Quiz

EverydayQuiz is an Amazon Alexa Skill which will ask you 10 questions every day from different topics including sports, history, geography, science, current affairs, etc. New set of questions are added on a daily basis. The questions are in multiple choice format with 3 options for each question.

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everyday quiz voicebot

Broken Sequence

This is a very unique game where you have to complete a sequence. Alexa will give you the sequences with 3 items, and you have to guess the 4th item in the sequence. You will be awarded a coin for each right answer, the goal is to earn as many coins as possible.

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everyday quiz voicebot

Food Expert by Selectivor

Always know what everyone can eat and their favorite foods - without the hassle of remembering complex food lists! You can know if an ingredient is OK for specific diets or food allergies. For example - Alexa, open Food Expert", then ask "Is brown rice OK for someone on a vegan diet and gluten-free diet?"

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