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SonyMAX chatbot development

Filmykaant - SonyMAX TV Chatbot

World’s first NLP based television chatbot

FilmyKaant, is an NLP based chatbot developed for one of India's most popular television channel Sony MAX. The artificial intelligence powered chatbot, was developed with an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which gives the chatbot the ability to understand English and Hinglish(Hindi Typed in English). The bot engages the users with random questions in natural language and also entertains them with Quiz, Trivia, Gossip, etc. The bot also provides scores and leader-board. The AI behind Filmykaant has been trained with more than 5000 keywords and phrases to handle the user’s queries.

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quiz chatbot development

QuizMaster Chatbot

Quiz Chatbot For Competitive Exams

QuizMaster Chatbot is a trending Quiz Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. It have been selected to FBStart, Facebook's global program to help startups. QuizMaster Chatbot is having more than 325,000 users and more than 6,000 daily users. The users can select from any one of the topics including History, Science, Sports etc. QuizMaster chatbot is useful to everyone, particularly for those who are preparing for competative exams.

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movie hunt voicebot


Amazon Alexa Skill - VoiceBot

MovieHunt is a an Amazon Alexa skill, where you can hunt for movie names. MovieHunt will play famous Hollywood movie dialogues and you have to find out from which movie the dialgoue is. For evey correct answer you will be getting one point.

You can start MovieHunt by saying "Alexa, Start Movie Hunt" or "Alexa, open MovieHunt'.

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everyday quiz voicebot


Amazon Alexa Skill - VoiceBot

EverydayQuiz is an Amazon Alexa Skill which will ask you 10 questions every day from different topics including sports, history, geography, science, current affairs, etc. New set of questions are added on a daily basis. The questions are in multiple choice format with 3 options for each question.

You can start EverydayQuiz by saying "Alexa, open EverydayQuiz" or "Alexa, open EverydayQuiz'.

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marketplace development

Decor Manzil

Community Marketplace for Designers and Architects

décormanzil.com is a community marketplace that brings together interior designers, architects, landscape designers, furniture designers, décor brands and artisan sellers on a single platform. It provides quality design and décor items to customers in an efficient and hassle-free manner. It helps customers to engage with and hire trusted and high-quality professionals and décor sellers to service their requirements.

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employee hiring website development

I Want A Speaker

Platform to search, manage and promote speakers.

I want a speaker is an online platform to search, manage and promote speakers. IWAS helps speakers to Manage their bookings and personal profile so that clients can find and book them for specific event types. IWAS comes with all the necessary tools and with the process to ensure that only the truly professional speakers or those with content and credibility will get through, which help to book speakers like the professional bureaus.

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hotel chatbot development

Chatbot for Hotel

Chatbot for hotel services.

A messenger chatbot that can book rooms for you and order room services like breakfast, snacks etc. If customer didn’t completed a booking, the bot can send them reminders. The bot can answer common queries of customers and can reach out for human if customer wishes to have more info.

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news portal chatbot

Chatbot for News Portal

Chatbot for news around the world.

News from all around the world and are categorized neately to categories like sports, business etc. A user can subscribe to news from different categories to get updates from that particular category. They can also get latest news and trending news and can subscibe them.

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food ordering platform development


Complete range of food ordering solutions.

FoodDay is a set of online food ordering solutions. FoodDay comes with different versions including Multi restaurant food ordering, Multi kitchen food ordering, and Single restaurant food ordering. FoodDay makes it easy to set up an online food ordering system, whether it is a simple restaurant or a full-fledged food ordering platform. FoodDay comes with features like Administrator dashboard, Merchant dashboard, Delivery management, Order management, Restaurant Management, User Management, Multiple payment & SMS gateways, etc.

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pizza ordering website development


Multi-Kitchen Pizza Ordering Website

Vadolì is a next-generation food-startup from Germany. We developed a multi-kitchen pizza ordering application for them. The features of Vadoli includes Online food ordering, Multi-language support, Admin dashboard, Merchant dashboard, Location management, User management, Payment gateway integrations, SMS gateway integrations etc.

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Travel website development

Try This For

Travel And Food Website

TryThisFor is a guide to London's best restaurants; street by street, area by area along with reviews, recipes, news and latest openings. TryThisFor aims to guide Londoners through the exciting restaurant scene the city boasts. Whether it's new openings, hidden gems, pop-ups, cool events, or even ones to watch out for. TryThisFor keeps the users updated with some of the London's best and most interesting eateries.

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food ordering application development


Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering Platform

Tropchop is an online food ordering platform that we have developed for one of our clients. Tropchop comes with features with Location management, Store management, Merchant dashboard, Admin dashboard, Dish management, Direct link to access restaurants, Social media integration, Search engine optimization, Blog, Different payment gateways and SMS gateways etc.

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online ticketing website development


Online Event Booking and Ticketing Website

Lamtna is a new and exciting online ticketing and promotion website that makes the live event experience easier for promoters as well as for the people who wish to attend concerts. Lamnta comes with features like Online ticketing, Social Media promotions, Mobile Check In, Online Payment, Report generation etc. Lamtna helps users to derive the maximum experience possible from live events!.

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Recipe app development


Online Store for Handcrafts

Fibredrop is an online handicraft store that we developed using Opencart based on our client's requirement. The store sells Handcrafted Carpets, Doormats, Mattings, Mats and Rugs.The store has all the essential features for an online webstore including Product Management, Order Management, Report Management, Localisation Module which contains Multiple Currencies, Multiple Stores, Multiple Countries and Multiple Tax Class Management etc. CCAvenue is integrated as the default payment gateway.

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hotel booking website development


Hotel Room Booking Application

Bookingo is an online hotel room booking script developed for one of our clients from the United Kingdom. Bookingo is a simple responsive application that helps hotels to create websites with their own booking engine. The hotels can define their own categories of rooms and can add rooms under those categories. The customers can book the available rooms by providing their details and pay through Paypal.

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bus booking website development

Pay 4 Bus

Online Bus Booking Application

Pay4Bus is an online bus booking application developed for one of our clients from Nigeria. Pay4Bus is having all the features for online bus booking as its own. It is not using any API for bus booking; instead, it is having everything custom developed according to the client’s requirements.

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multi restaurant mobile food ordering app development

Foodday - Multi-Restaurant App

Mobile App for Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering

FoodDay Multi-Restaurant App is the user app for online food ordering platform FoodDay. The App lists restaurants based on the user's location. The users can browse through the restaurants and order food from them. The App has features like Restaurant listing, Search by location, Detailed menu, Promo codes, Options to add add-ons, Restaurant rating, Restaurant reviews, detailed information about the restaurants including working hours, delivery area, google map location, etc.

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Recipe app development

Foodday - Recipe App

A recipe app to search and view recipes

FoodDay Recipe App helps the users to explore through a wide variety of recipes in different categories of cuisines. The application provides a detailed description regarding the step by step preparation of food items. It also provides information about the ingredients required and preparation time. The user can save a recipe offline and can also prepare a shopping list.

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Food ordering app development

Foodday - Single-Restaurant App

Food Ordering App for Restaurants and Takeaways

FoodDay single-restaurant App is a single vendor food ordering mobile Application for restaurants and takeaways. The App showcases cuisines and dishes in detail and the customers can place orders. The App alerts the customers with the daily offers through push notifications. The App also has options to add add-ons, online payment, list featured products etc. The App also provides order updates and displays complete details of the restaurant.

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order receiving app development

Foodday - Order Receiving App

Order Receiving App for Restaurants and Takeaways

FoodDay order receiving app helps the restaurants to receive their orders directly on their smartphone or tablet. The app receives instant push notifications whenever customers place orders. Each order can be either accepted or rejected based upon the nature of the order. Every order can be classified as a pending, a processing or a completed order. There are also options to view daily sales reports.

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e-commerce chatbot

Chatbot for E-commerce

Chatbot for purchase products online.

Messenger chatbot that can help users to purchase dress from different categories (shirts, jeans for men and women, jackets, shoes etc) . Users can manage their cart and can pay online for the products. Order updation notifications are there to help the customers to know updates about their order.

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weddinng chatbot development

Wedding Planner Chatbot

Wedding Planner Chatbot for Destination Wedding.

This is a virtual event planner chatbot which helps to plan a perfect destination wedding. The bot collects user preferences, like the type of event, favourite location, number of guests, date, time etc and suggests hotels and other facilities based on the preference. The bot shares the collected information with agencies and they submit different business proposals to customers.The chatbot uses buttons, video cards, images, webviews etc for meaningful communication.

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online store development


Online Footwear Store

Winheels is an online footwear store that we custom developed in Laravel based on our client's requirement. The store sells footwears in three categories PU Footwear, MCR Footwear and PU with MCR Footwear. The store has all the essential features for an online webstore like Product Management, Order Management, Content Management System, Promotional Module, etc. CCAvenue is integrated as the default payment gateway and SMSGatewayHub is integrated as the SMS gateway.

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