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Reasons to join our team at Cedex

  1. Develop applications that Millions use

    Have you ever dreamed of developing applications that Millions of users use? If that question is to us, the answer is Yes. We have dreamed and we have done it. And to be open it is thrilling and at the same time, it is challenging to handle these much users. But one thing is certain, it was one of the best moments in our life.

  2. Work with smart people

    One of the great things in life is to work with smart, young and vibrant people. At Cedex, we are proud to have extremely smart, equally nice, talented and collaborative people who will be happy to help you any time. We are 100% free from office politics and it will be a great opportunity to work together as well as to learn from each other.

  3. Work on future technologies

    We are working on new generation technologies like Chatbots and Voicebots. We also develop web applications, progressive web apps, machine learning, Artificial intelligence etc. We have a good team of experienced developers working on these technologies and it will be a great opportunity to work deeply on these technologies.

  4. Work with startups to build their dreams

    Are you bored of updating and editing the same applications over and over? Or do you feel like you are not getting ample challenging opportunities as you are working on the same business domain solving the same problems again and again?

    If so, Cedex will be your dream destination. We mostly work with startups from Europe, designing and developing applications from scratch. We design and develop customer-oriented applications based on client requirements. It will be a great opportunity to work on projects like these rather than working on projects that are less important.

  5. Build extraordinary products

    The products that we work on will define what we are. We are fortunate to be part of some extraordinary projects. Some of the applications that we built were first of its kind in the whole world.

    The chief minister of the state inaugurating the project we did for Kerala PSC. Cedex team receiving mementos from the chief minister.

  6. Solve challenging problems

    At Cedex, we work on innovative, challenging and interesting problems, and strive to do the right thing, the right way and continuously improve our skills.

  7. Contribute your ideas

    No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. We provide you the opportunity to innovate every day and have the freedom to contribute your ideas and thoughts to the projects as well as to the company.

  8. Learn, teach, and mentor

    We love to share our knowledge and expertise with others and help them to succeed. We give back to the community by participating in and organizing events like technology Meetups and Workshops.

  9. Grow your skills

    We work deeply on each and very problems and come with the best possible solutions. Rather than working on each and every technologies, we work on a few selected technologies. This enable us to become masters in these technologies. Working closely with our team can grow your personal knowledge and skills. Being a small company, there are lots of opportunities to grow and work on different projects.

  10. Culture of innovation

    Our customers always want the best products. They posess great knowledge in their domain and keep on trying to innovate their products each and every day. As the development team, it's our job to meet their growing needs and exceed their expectations. So far we are sucessfull and proud to be driving forward innovative solutions for our customers.

  11. See your impact

    If you are working on some project or if you are developing a product, there should be something that you can contribute. Some value that you can add to the product or project that will make it better and helps to stand out from its competitors. You can quickly see your impact on the projects that you work on with our weekly releases and be recognized for it by your peers and also from our clients.

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